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Introducting Igloo Link

An entry-level immersive display system engineered for in-house events, and for on-site operations.

A few clients had been suggesting to us there was a gap in our product line-up.

Some wanted a powerful, no-frills, entry-level system – the sort of thing that would be good for on-site offices, but would still give them access to the full capability and flexibility of our award-winning software platform, Igloo Core Engine (ICE). 

Some wanted a mobile system to take out on the road – something that would be super-quick and super-simple for their in-house teams to rig, de-rig, transport and stow, but would still deliver an engaging and impactful immersive experience. 

At Igloo, as you know, we love a challenge. So, we raised both these suggestions with our research and development team, who came up with a single, ingenious solution – Igloo Link.

Why it's great for events

Igloo Link is made up of a series of ready-made modules, each of which has its own integrated projector rack – which means it’s quick and easy to assemble and comes complete with a full set of easy-to-follow instructions.

All of Igloo Link’s components were designed to fit onto a single crate – which means it’s ever-so-simple to transport and stow.

Igloo Link is designed for easy assembly and comes complete with a full set of instructions – which means you don’t need specialist riggers (and, for US clients, it’s union-labor friendly).

Igloo Link’s projectors are floor-mounted – which means there are no working-at-height risks, and it all fits comfortably beneath low ceiling heights.

Why it's great for on-site offices

  • Igloo Link makes a genuine Igloo immersive space available at the lowest possible price point – which means it’s a big step-up from those non-immersive and barely-immersive alternatives.
  • Igloo Link is powered by our award-winning ICE software – including all its market-leading functionality, infinite flexibility, and True Perspective automatic geometry correction.
  • Igloo Link is powerful and enterprise-grade, with few moving parts so it stands up well to high-traffic operational environments.
  • Igloo Link comes complete with its own pro-grade, UST projectors – so you get the type of high-fidelity image needed for commercial applications.

Is Igloo Link right for you?

You want a mobile solution that internal teams can handle

Igloo Link has been designed with ease of installation in mind. Just snap it together, following the assembly instructions provided. And, when you’re done, you can stow it away onto a single crate.

You already have or already use immersive content 

Igloo Link is a great way to liberate your existing immersive content, by taking it out on the road or extending its use to onsite operational teams. If you don’t yet have any immersive content, this may not be the best way to get started.

You typically have control of ambient light levels

Because there isn’t a roof to shade the projections, Igloo Link is not a great option for brightly lit conditions including some exhibition halls. But, if you can dim the lights a little or provide some shade, it delivers crystal-clear imagery.

You want to access the full functionality of the Igloo Core Engine platform

Having won a stack of industry awards, Igloo Core Engine is widely recognised as the operating platform for shared immersive spaces. Clients love its flexibility, functionality and ease-of-use, and the Igloo Link is a great way to extend these benefits to more people in more places.

Client story

A portable solution for an infrastructure client 

A client reached out to us in need of a portable soluition for an event for a well-known infrastructure client. 

Due to short-build times on site, a standard Igloo immersive room or cylinder was not possible. So the client opted to use Igloo Link, with a build time of just a few hours. 

Igloo Link was used to showcase infrastructure content relating to the client and using ICE, the client was able to show a range of different content types to get their message across and make it stick. 

Want to see an Igloo Link in action?

We have a demo Igloo Link model in our London showroom, plus we’re taking one out to some upcoming events.
So, if you’d like to see one in action, and see how your content looks on the big immersive screens, contact a member of the team.

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