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Utilities & infrastructure

Igloo Shared VR is a useful tool for monitoring, managing, and maintaining large infrastructures and public utilities.

With a combination of 360° imagery, 3D design tools, and GIS tools, asset integrity programmes become more effective.

It is also possible to inspect faraway sites from a central location, and easier to brief teams on maintenance and construction campaigns.

CAD and BIM visualisation
Navigate your way through 3D models as if you’re really there.

Virtual site visits
Reduce the need for expensive trips to far-off sites.

Marketing events
Host events for customers, stakeholders and potential clients.

Immersive training
Scenarios are easily repeatable and more cost-effective, for more confident employees.

Employee retention
Better train employees so they feel more comfortable in their roles.

Engaging presentations
Display reports without the constraints of traditional presentations.

Environment simulation
Display map data to better visualise environments teams will work in.

Collaborative design
Bring entire teams into the discussion and see each others’ reactions.

In our 10+ year track record, Igloos have been used by clients in the Utilities sector to better manage infrastructure and training.

So, please, get in touch to tell us about your ideas and how Igloo can bring them to life.

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