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Location:  Germany

Atmosphaeres is a husband and wife team, who are dedicated, full-time 360° specialists since 2013, roaming the world to bring you a large variety of the most beautiful and exciting 360° nature and travel videos. On our filming trips, we focus on remote and quiet places in nature with minimal human disturbances (i.e. few people, man-made structures, etc.) We also capture footage of vibrant tourist destinations, such as London, Paris, Vienna and more.

Our premium 360° videos are filmed exclusively on professional cameras and are independently produced from start to finish by experts who take great care to create the best-looking content for your Igloo. We spend a lot of time and pay close attention to every detail of each individual video, to make sure that you won't see any distracting elements (such as seam-lines, tripods, etc.) but instead get the cleanest and best-looking video, possible.

From beautiful, secluded beaches to dramatic and endless views of towering mountains, to awe-inspiring historical sites and exciting city shots, our videos in up to 8K resolution capture the feeling of ‘being there’ like no other. Hundreds of premium 360° videos, all from the same creator, ensure a consistent look and feel and a large variety that will showcase the full potential of your system.

Fill your Igloo with wonder with Atmosphaeres 360° Stock Videos and VR Experiences.