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Location: Bristol, UK

Time Lapse Monitoring and 8K AEC Media Production Specialists

Lobster Pictures can transform how your project is seen, managed and visualised. As the world leader in high-quality, remote time lapse camera systems - and experts in AEC media production - we can deliver you cost savings, PR and marketing material, and stakeholder engagement, all in one package.

Our pioneering time lapse camera, the Lobster Pot, gives the best possible quality for long-term time lapse and remote site monitoring. We were the first company to develop an 8K version - the highest resolution monitored time lapse camera available in the world - and we’ve been shooting in this format since 2012.

Furthermore, Lobster Pictures is the only company to develop a long-term 360° time lapse camera, allowing our clients to monitor, capture and truly experience their project remotely, from anywhere in the world.

AEC Media Production

Our work on large-scale, high-profile global construction, engineering, media and rail projects gives us a unique insight into the best way to communicate your vision. Our dedicated Media Production department specialises in creating engaging, broadcast-quality films for AEC clients and beyond. We extensively consult with you and ensure all stakeholders are considered so that the end result is an inspired, effective and engaging film that truly delivers.


Lobster Pictures are innovators in 360° content; we’ve produced interactive Oculus Rift presentations, built specialist cameras and even produced 360° commercials. Bringing together all our long-term monitored time lapse and 360° knowledge and innovation, we created Lobster Vision 360; the only long-term monitored 360° time lapse solution available on the market today. Get in touch today to find how we could help create bespoke 360° content to work with your Igloo Vision projection dome.

Time Lapse Site Monitoring

With Lobster Vision, our bespoke site monitoring tool, you can monitor and promote any kind of construction or infrastructure project. Share your images and time lapse videos on any device - making it a unique platform for collaboration and communication. Our trusted clients use the viewer for project management, site monitoring, dispute resolution, marketing and PR material, archival purposes and more.

BIM Integration

We are the only company to offer BIM model integration with our as-built records - putting the BIM model into the hands of all parties to aid collaborative working. See a live BIM-enabled camera here.

Would you like to find out more?

Check out our AEC film examples here or get in touch for a free, no obligation proposal, to see how we could help capture your project and create truly immersive content for your Igloo Vision projection dome.