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Location: New Jersey, USA

Innovative tools that meet the needs of every trainee – no matter where they are on the learning spectrum – have kept Simtronics on the cutting edge of OTS for more than 25 years. Our most advanced tool, the Immersive Training Simulator (ITS), combines our real-world experience and the latest technology to put trainees in the middle of the action via a robust 360° training experience — taking virtual reality to the next level. The ITS allows trainees to walk through a realistic plant environment and interact with popup interactive 3D visualizations, letting them control every step of their exploration. It’s the perfect environment for group training or advanced trainees.

The ITS runs a wide variety of 3D Virtual Field Operator (VFO) training worlds, letting you tailor learning needs to any situation. But this is only one way Simtronics keeps your trainees ahead of the learning curve. Explore our vast library of e-Learning tutorials, training workbooks, DSS-100 simulator and real-time process models, dynamic training aids, and Simtec library of training exercises to see how we provide the right training solution for every level of learning – from basic fundamentals through advanced troubleshooting.

Please take a moment to view our video to see how Simtronics can save you time and effort by delivering the full training experience.