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ThingLink is the leading solution for easily creating virtual tours and 360° simulations for workplace training or education. And, naturally, those virtual tours and 360° are a great fit for our Igloo immersive spaces where users can take advantage of the vast canvas to absorb and appreciate every detail in any ThingLink.

Here are just a few ideas of where you could use the two together:

  • Create an in-context realistic learning environment for training and site familiarization, improving staff safety, particularly in high-risk environments
  • Offer an interactive and immersive campus tour at an event to boost recruitment
  • Create a breath-taking interactive backdrop for a corporate event or party
  • Create lifelike and challenging escape room scenarios
  • Create realistic virtual tours and walkthroughs of historical buildings and rooms at heritage attractions, museums and galleries

And these are just some of the benefits to be had:

  • Improve recall with more real-life scenarios for learners to engage with
  • Increase collaboration - allow teams to train more effectively and realistically together by providing a shared training experience
  • Create powerful moments of insight for learning set in the context