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Igloo Livestream adds a powerful, high-resolution livestreaming capacity to your Igloo system. Livestream directly into your Igloo system using your vast 360° screen.

Transport yourself to the heart of live events

  • Stream from sports stadiums, concert venues, e-sports, and theatres with immersion that an HD channel could never compare to. 
  • Use your Igloo to put viewers as close to the action as possible. 
  • Embrace the future -- with 5G, download speeds will mean 4K-8K resolution livestreams.

Watch 360° and non-360° livestreams 

  • Immerse yourself in a real-time experience.
  • Stream at full-resolution, without the need to pre-render and upload.
  • Or play non-360° across part of the Igloo display and open multiple channels for browsing or your favourite apps while watching your stream.

What Igloo Livestream can do for you


Provide a variety of learning experiences for your students. Stream live videos from a range of sources and locations such as zoos or natural habitats.


Livestream feeds into your Igloo from conferences, meetings, or seminars and connect colleagues, teammates, or stakeholders remotely.


Hold virtual events to put people as close to the action as possible. Give people a ringside view at a stadium, or even a view from the stage itself at a concert.

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