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What is an Igloo immersive workspace?

We’ve been creating shared immersive spaces for over a decade for 100s of clients, all over the world, in all kinds of industries.

The Igloo software takes any digital content (including immersive virtual reality or 360°  content) and put it in an immersive space that anyone can use. Because groups of people can get inside, it’s always a shared experience. 

They're how astute, forward-thinking, innovative organisations collaborate. With wraparound, room-scale screens, you can view and interact with any digital content, and effortlessly engage with any colleagues based anywhere.

Why an immersive workspace?

In an Igloo immersive workspace, groups and teams can get right inside any kind of digital content (including immersive, virtual reality or 360° content). So, an immersive workspace is the ideal way for groups of people to work better, smarter and faster.

When you‘re collaborating in an immersive workspace, it’s easy for the whole team to see, and understand, and discuss, and control every aspect of every project you’re working on. None of your data or documents is more than a glance away. And everything is up there, on the walls, clear to see, for debate, discussion and decision making.

And thanks to our integrations with the leading video conferencing platforms, you can easily bring remotely-located team members into the heart of the discussion with immersive video conferencing.

Immersive workspaces to suit you and your teams

We work in lots of different ways with plenty of different clients. From a full design and installation service, to a standalone cylinder or dome, to just an Immersive Media Player - we’ll meet your every need.

We’ve created immersive workspaces for all sorts of clients, including the largest enterprises with the most stringent IT requirements - so we know how to configure our solutions to fit right in.

We can deliver globally from our worldwide network of offices, or work with local integrators to deliver your immersive workspace.

An interface everyone already knows how to use

All of our immersive workspaces are controlled via our super-easy interface - Igloo Home.

This enables you to access all your content, data and applications using an intuitive, super-accurate motion-tracked VR wand.

Imagine a room-scale iPhone, where the screen wraps seamlessly around all four walls - being inside that iPhone is a lot like using Igloo Home.

And, of course, Igloo Home can be branded and customised to your specifications.

Drop us a line to learn more about Igloo Home.

It’s so easy to create and access content

It’s incredibly easy to create and access content for your immersive workspace - and becoming easier all the time.

Documents from your Microsoft 365 suite or your Google suite can be easily formatted for the Igloo. You can log right into your collaboration software (like Teams, or Slack, or Basecamp, or whatever). You can bring up your analytics tools and dashboards (like Tableau, or Emu, or Esri). You can use your preferred video conferencing packages (whatever they may be). And you can tile together several different types of content (in any formats, from any source) all at the same time.

And, using Igloo Home, it’s easy to select and switch between them all.

Ask us how to access your content in your new immersive workspace.

How to tell it’s an Igloo 

There are a few other immersive workspace solutions out there. 

Here are ten tell-tale signs of an Igloo solution (which also acts as a useful checklist if you’re evaluating an alternative).

  • It’s equipped with a vast immersive screen and surround sound
  • It enables you to engage and interact with any digital content, in any format, from any source
  • It allows you to tile together many different types of content, from many different sources, all at the same time
  • It’s controlled by a full range of everyday input devices, like tablets, phones, keyboards, VR controllers, and even voice and gestures
  • It’s equally well-suited to immersive, 360° or XR content, as well as conventional flat-screen and legacy content
  • It integrates with the full range of communications and collaboration technologies - including all the usual video conferencing and VoIP packages
  • It’s compatible, out-of-the-box and works natively with all your existing business tools (like 3D design packages, CAD software, data visualisation tools, Office 365 software, etc, etc, etc)
  • It’s easy and intuitive to operate
  • It sits entirely within the envelope of the corporate IT network (fitting-in with everything from room control systems to security standards)
  • It’s easy to make good quality content using standard technology tools - like the Office 365, Google and Adobe suites

Use cases for any business in every sector

Whoever you are, whatever your business, wherever you operate, our immersive workspaces can get right to work for:

  • Team briefings and project updates
  • Sit-up-and-take-notice presentation formats
  • Room-scale data visualisation and interrogation
  • Ideation, brainstorming, and blue-skying
  • Corporate storytelling, with 360° stings & sizzlers
  • Immersive training

Get in touch to find out how an immersive workspace can work for you.

Who can benefit from an Igloo immersive workspace?

Because the Igloo technology is so flexible, and integrates with so many digital tools and types of content, it can be used in endless ways. Below we’ve shared just a few ways. And you can always check out our portfolio of well over 120 case studies for more ideas.

multiple people moving around an igloo cube

man and woman in office looking at projection on board

Immersive workspaces for education
  • Take whole classes on virtual field trips
  • Use immersive video conferencing to interact with students around the world
  • Run simulations of scenarios that are too expensive or dangerous to create in real life
  • Create repeatable experiments without having to go out into the field
  • Prepare your students for the world of work by giving them experience of their future job roles in a safe, simulated environment
  • Explore our case studies to see why over 40 universities have installed Igloo immersive workspaces
Immersive workspaces for enterprise
  • Create immersive innovation hubs, marketing centres, data visualisation suites, and more
  • Hold blue-sky thinking and ideation workshops in a fully-equipped, cocoon-like space for idea generation
  • Interrogate, visualise, and tell stories with your data surrounding your teams
  • Deliver immersive sales pitches with 360° presentations, sizzle reels, and the ability to access collaborative whiteboard tools to engage your audience
  • Carry out agile and iterative prototyping with 3D design tools, in life-size-scale, thanks to integrations with all your industry-standard tools
  • Explore our case studies to discover even more ways enterprises can benefit from an immersive workspace

Find out more about our range of immersive workspaces:

Immersive rooms

Turn any existing room into an immersive workspace, irrespective of its size or shape

Cylinders, cubes, domes

Off-the-shelf, standalone structures that can act as mobile pop-up immersive spaces, or become permanent installations


Adapt a standard solution, or work with us to create an immersive space from scratch

Igloo CAVEs

An environment that combines 3D projection and head-tracking for realistic, interactive, immersive experiences