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At Igloo Vision, we have helped businesses save upwards of £1 million on training and recruitment costs. Having immersive technology such as an Igloo in the workplace can help to save time and money in the long run, and improve productivity.

A shared immersive space has the potential to improve workplace relationships and productivity in several ways including: 

Enhanced Collaboration

A shared immersive space allows individuals to work together in immersive environments, whether they’re together or working in different physical locations.

This can facilitate collaboration between team members, even if they are dispersed across the globe. They can interact in real time, share ideas, and work on projects as if they were in the same room.

Improved Communication

An Igloo can provide more immersive and realistic communication experiences. In virtual meetings or conferences, participants can live project documents so that the whole team can see, and it can be worked on around the room. 

Training and Skill Development

Igloo VR can be used for training purposes, enabling employees to learn new skills and immerse themselves in any scenario, in a safe and controlled environment. This can foster a sense of camaraderie among colleagues who can learn and grow together.

Onboarding and Orientation

Immersive technology can be used for onboarding new employees. Virtual tours of the workplace, interactive training modules, and 360-degree experiences can help new hires become familiar with their surroundings and colleagues, easing the transition into the organisation.

Building Trust 

Immersive technology can help build trust among team members, especially when used for remote work. Being able to see and interact with colleagues in a virtual space can strengthen relationships and trust, as visual cues and body language become more accessible.

Reduced Isolation

For remote workers or those in geographically dispersed teams, immersive technology can combat feelings of isolation by providing more immersive interactions with colleagues, making them feel more connected to the organisation.

Personal Development

Having an Igloo in your work environment can support personal development and mental well-being programs by offering relaxation and mindfulness experiences that can help reduce stress and promote a positive work environment.

It's important to note that while immersive technology has the potential to improve work relationships, its successful implementation depends on various factors, including the technology's accessibility, the willingness of employees to adapt to new tools, and the organisation's commitment to using these technologies effectively.

If you think an Igloo could provide a positive addition to your work environment, contact us to find out more about what we can do for you. 


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