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Neoscape : Content Showcase

Originally established as an architectural visualisation firm, Neoscape has evolved into a full-service creative consultancy with studios in Boston, New York City, and San Francisco. We’ve been partners for a while, and love the way the Neoscape team has grasped the endless possibilities of Shared VR.

Their recent works include a VR experience for Draper’s Skymark technology, a 360° film for a mixed-use development in Shanghai, and an AR application for the City of Boston’s Amazon HQ2 bid. We first worked together on a property sales center installation for Hudson Pacific in Los Angeles. We’ve also co-hosted events in New York and Boston to showcase the firm’s incredible content in our immersive 360° projection environments.

Neoscape tells us that it's not just the Igloo Shared VR environments that make us appealing to work with. Our flexible technology platform also fits right into Neoscape’s content development workflows - because our systems integrate with the visualisation tools the team uses every day.

If you have yet to experience Neoscape’s incredible work, check out the showreel below. Of course, there’s no better way to display 360° visualisations than in an Igloo, so don’t forget you can take a proper look at this content, and more, at one of our Shared VR centres.