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9-metre cylinder

SAP Concur : Business Exchange

Of all the cloud-based business tools that have emerged over recent years, one of the most impressive is SAP Concur - the market-leading expense management solution, that also covers travel management and invoicing.

One of the most striking things about the solution is the range of resources offered to users - a recent addition being the newly refreshed and enhanced community site, SAP Business Exchange - a terrific resource to share innovations and insights to unlock opportunities for businesses.

SAP Concur wanted to give this resource the launch it deserved. And, at the company’s hugely successful customer conference, Fusion in San Diego, it deployed an Igloo 9-metre cylinder to get the message across - and make it stick.

We were brought onboard by our old friends at Vossler Group (back in 2018, we’d worked together on an event in Seattle to showcase the potential of Shared VR). Predictably, they created some truly stunning 360° content. And the team at SAP Concur seemed more than happy with the spectacle.

"Our event guests and leadership team were both WOWed by the Igloo, and it was definitely a talking point at our event."

Kelly Clifford
Senior Event Marketing Manager, SAP Concur

Igloo Control
Used for controlling most aspects of the Igloo system, like triggering content, controlling playback and switching between content types

Igloo Remote
An application that controls the Igloo wirelessly over a dedicated Wi-Fi network. Easily control different functions from tabs across the top of the app.

Igloo Warper
Back-end software that seamlessly blends all content from the multiple projectors in the Igloo. Corrects geometry and colour for an immersive experience.