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6-metre cylinder

S&P Global Platts : Insight Zone

S&P Global Platts was looking for a way to demonstrate the depth and quality of its data and analytics for the energy and commodities markets. The solution was a Shared VR space that immerses people in the heart of the data.

We were originally approached by the agency, Brandculture, for a one-off event at the London Oil Forum. Then, things began to escalate…

We were soon enlisted for an internal company event at London’s Canary Wharf, followed by a second one in Denver. The teams at S&P Global Platts liked the environment so much that they then decided to invest in their very own Igloo, which we now manage on their behalf. Subsequent events have included Singapore and Washington DC, and there are many more on the agenda.

Part of the success came from the quality of the content and, in particular, a stunning data visualisation created by Brendan Dawes.

Igloo Control
Used for controlling most aspects of the Igloo system, like triggering content, controlling playback and switching between content types

Igloo Remote
An application that controls the Igloo wirelessly over a dedicated Wi-Fi network. Easily control different functions from tabs across the top of the app.

Igloo Warper
Back-end software that seamlessly blends all content from the multiple projectors in the Igloo. Corrects geometry and colour for an immersive experience.