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BAM Nuttall


Aberdeen, UK




6-metre cylinder

BAM Nuttall : A21 Improvement Project

Following a significant improvement to Scotland’s railway infrastructure, Network Rail and its main contractor BAM Nuttall wanted to show stakeholders and the public the benefits of their investment.

An engaging 360° film was put together by our good friends at M7 Virtual, making imaginative use of drone footage shot by the surveying company Plowman Craven. And an Igloo was installed in the main concourse of Aberdeen’s busy railway station to enable as many commuters and travelers as possible to appreciate the results.

As you can see from the video, the project got a great response from stakeholders, and we were asked to extend the week-long installation by a few more days to maximise its reach. As with so many other Shared VR assignments, it also generated some great media coverage.

“This is an innovative way of reaching a really wide audience. It’s a world aways from the static information boards our industry has traditionally used.”

Billy McKay
Senior Programme Manager, Network Rail

Igloo Control
Used for controlling most aspects of the Igloo system, like triggering content, controlling playback and switching between content types

Igloo Remote
An application that controls the Igloo wirelessly over a dedicated Wi-Fi network. Easily control different functions from tabs across the top of the app.

Igloo Warper
Back-end software that seamlessly blends all content from the multiple projectors in the Igloo. Corrects geometry and colour for an immersive experience.