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The product

In December 2018, a new Atlanta Innovation Hub was opened in Technology Square. Then, in February 2019, journalists and influencers were given a tour of the flagship San Francisco Innovation Hub in Salesforce Tower.

As Accenture explained in its press release, these facilities provide “a state-of-the-art destination where clients work side-by-side with Accenture teams to rapidly ideate, prototype and scale innovative products and services for the digital economy”. As you can see from the media coverage and the Accenture video, the hubs are bristling with the latest and greatest technology. And, clearly, Team Igloo was honoured to be part of the proposition.

The result

The Igloos provide an immersive presentation environment (at the San Francisco press launch, for example, the Igloo was used to articulate the power of quantum computing). We've got a dedicated account team to give advice and guidance on Igloo’s wider enterprise applications. And we're working daily with Accenture to roll out Igloos across more of its global network of Innovation Hubs.