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The product

The solution was a 9-metre Igloo cylinder with six ultra-short-throw Epson projectors. This configuration allowed 22 professionals to be comfortably seated around a board table, which proved to be the perfect setting for the high-level brainstorming and ideation sessions. To get everyone in the right frame of mind, the Igloo was used to immerse guests in full 360° panoramic ‘blue sky’ content.

Using Igloo’s proprietary Capture software, the Crowe facilitators wirelessly streamed Stormboard windows to the Igloo screen, to enhance interactivity and collaboration during the sessions.

The result

Following a successful first event, Crowe engaged Igloo for two more outings.

First, the 9-metre cylinder was used for the Crowe Healthcare Summit in Dallas, where Crowe gave clients new insights into emergent and disruptive technologies. It then travelled to Chicago for Ascend 2019 where it was used for innovation sessions addressing the public sector, life sciences, technology, media, and telecommunications sectors.


“We received a great deal of positive feedback on the Igloo Vision environment which helped us make a strong impression. Your support was critical, and we appreciate the work you did to create a truly memorable experience for our attendees.”

Jason Kingma
UI/UX Innovation Project Manager, Crowe