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The product

In 2017, Hudson Pacific Properties had just completed a showroom on its Sunset Bronson Studios production lot that featured three recent Hollywood office buildings. It wanted a memorable way in which to showcase their latest development, EPIC. From EPIC’s panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills to Downtown and its future-forward amenities like a rideshare lobby and rooftop drone landing pad, Hudson Pacific wanted to put tenants right in the middle of the building, before the development was even finished.

Igloo Vision came on board to build a semi-permanent, 6-metre Shared VR cylinder for the Showroom. The cylinder hosted a dazzling, immersive visualisation of the future development, created by our good friends at Neoscape. Potential tenants could step right inside a true-to-scale representation of their future office space, without having to rely on 2D drawings, or on content trapped behind a computer screen.

The result

Aided by this unique standout experience, Hudson Pacific Properties was able to lease the entire property, ahead of completion, to streaming giant Netflix.

Click the images below to see snapshots of the 360° content shown in the Igloo.