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The skybreaking for Capitol Tower

The product

First, we supported the Skanska BIM Knowledge Partnership Team in Stockholm. The team was eager to demonstrate the potential of its work to senior colleagues.  

A 6-metre cylinder was taken to Stockholm for a Global Management Meeting. The BIM Knowledge Partnership Team wanted to show 400 senior managers how Igloo technology could be used for stakeholder engagement, project management with 4D timeline sequencing, clash detection, asset management and training. 

And then in 2017, we worked with Skanska again on a ‘skybreaking’, rather than a traditional groundbreaking, to show off its new skyscraper in downtown Houston. 

A 6-metre Igloo cylinder was set up in the nearby JW Marriott Houston Downtown hotel. Invited guests, including prospective tenants and other stakeholders were able to come in, walk around and experience a 360° virtual tour of the gleaming Capitol Tower, now under construction. 

The result

Showcasing the work and building with Igloo allowed everyone to get immersed in the great work done by the BIM teams, and to give a much better idea of what the future skyscraper would look like. 


"Even building professionals have a hard time visualising something until they get to see it in an immersive situation like this, and then it becomes real."

Seán Murphy
Development Manager, Skanska USA