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An open platform

 The real beauty of the Igloo platform is its flexibility.

 Because we are an open platform, you can put any content you like in an Igloo.

If you already have 360° or VR content, it’s likely to be Igloo-ready (and, in an Igloo, you can share the experience). You can also import all of your CGI, CAD and BIM content.  And, because Igloo is a layer-based system, we can integrate several different formats, from several different sources, all in real-time.

Almost everyone is surprised by what our technology can do – clients from the worlds of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sectors are particularly impressed by the way we can work with so many content types.

Get in touch to find out what’s possible.


If it’s playable, we can generally play it…

Over our 10+ year history, we’ve imported almost every conceivable type of digital content into an Igloo. For example, clients have used us for:

Animated content

CGI content

Games engine content

360° film content

360° panorama content

Real-time generative content


360° soundscapes

POV video games

Presentation tools

Live streams

3D models

CAD content

BIM content

Stereoscopic content

VJ live visuals

Also, remember, it doesn’t have to be 360°. With five projectors and a huge panoramic screen to play with, you can stretch, stitch, re-size and integrate conventional content of any aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, you name it).

Helping you create amazing content

Everything rests on the quality of your content.

That’s the most important lesson we’ve learnt in Igloo’s 10+ years. So we always want to help you get your content just right.

For example, we can guide your creative teams.  You can also call on our in-house content specialists. Alternatively, we can put you in touch with the 360° and VR content creators who we believe to be the very best in the business.

Get in touch to find out how we can help.



De-risking your content development

 The costs of creating high quality 360° and VR content are falling all of the time.

Even so, high quality content doesn’t come cheap. And we want to help you be sure your time and money are well spent. So, to help you on your way, and ensure you get the best possible Igloo experience, we can help in several ways:

Use our content creation templates

To get you used to working in a 360° wraparound format.

View your content in a
virtual Igloo

To get a feel of how your content will look in an Igloo you can use our Oculus or Vive Igloo viewer, which can be configured to mimic any Igloo size and configuration.

Bring your content to an Igloo test centre

We would always urge you to visit one of our permanent test centres in London, New Jersey or at Igloo HQ in rural Shropshire.

Get in touch to find out how we can help.


Don’t forget the soundscapes

Part of the fun of working in an Igloo is the opportunity to combine cinematic 360° imagery with studio-quality 360° soundscapes.

Ideally, the audio should be closely choreographed with the imagery (for example, if you want to draw the eye of the audience to a particular piece of the action, a sudden or unexpected sound is a great way to grab their attention).

So, for many content creators, the 360° is just as important as the 360° content. To give them the effects they’re looking for, we’ve worked with most surround sound configurations, such as 5.1, 10.2 and ambisonics. We’ve even partnered with high-end audio aficionados, Bowers and Wilkins, to take true hi-fi sound to huge festival venues in our 1,000-person capacity 21m Igloo.

As ever, we’re eager to share our experience and expertise.
So get in touch to talk about what’s possible with 360° sound.

Working with 3D models
and BIM

The chances are, any content you have will already be Igloo-ready. But, if it’s not, it can usually be adapted with minimal effort.

For example, we have workflows to bring 3D models from all of your usual design tools directly into the Igloo. And, by taking your design concepts off the flat screen and into the round, you can easily run design reviews with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.

Find out more about our Visualisation credentials, or Get in touch if you want to know more.

Working in real time

With Igloo you can work with real-time and generative content.

So, for example, with games engine technologies, our Unity 3D and Unreal Engine camera plug-ins can capture your content and port it, in real-time, direct to the Igloo.

We also support a range of devices and techniques, like gesture control, to enable people to interact with your content – again in real-time.

And we can capture and display content of different formats and from different sources – like a powerpoint deck, a Prezi presentation, a webpage, or even a Skype call.

So, if you have games engine-based content that you want to see in an Igloo, get in touch.

Live 360º streaming

We can work with several live streaming solutions –
enabling you to bring panoramic sound and vision from anywhere, and project it in real-time in an Igloo.

Check out our recent live streaming project for Hyundai in the video below or Get in touch to find out what’s possible.

What we’ve learnt about 360° cameras

Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of hours of 360° imagery captured by all manner of different cameras.

Some is good, some is bad, some is unwatchable. So, if you’re about to create some 360° imagery, and you’re wondering what cameras to work with, do give us a call.

Also, if you’re thinking of investing in a camera of your own, we’d advise you to steer clear of anything less than 4k. And we’d fully expect that, a year from now 8k will be the norm.

Choosing the right technical specs for your 360° video

You can always give us a call to talk through the specifics, but here’s the very top-line.

  • To give you crystal clear imagery, the default set-up for the Igloo Media Player is to playback content at 8000x1000.
  • You can create Igloo-ready content using standard video editing suites like Adobe After Effects and Premier.
  • The Igloo Media Player software takes your content, divides it into sections, delivers the correct piece to each projector, and blends it all together – so the software does the clever part and you can focus on creating great 360° content.
  • The Igloo Media player also accepts 4k and full spherical 360° imagery and video, giving you the full range of options.

Get in touch for our handy set of content creation guidelines. And, if you’re ever in any doubt, just drop us an email or pick up the phone.

Interested in
developing for Igloo?

If you are a content creator or developer, and you would like to join the growing Igloo community, we would love to hear from you.

Integrating your apps or seeing your real-time content in an Igloo is probably easier than you think.

Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

Become an Igloo-ready content partner

Increasingly, clients are asking us, “Which content creators are Igloo-ready?”

We’ve got a growing list of these Igloo-ready content partners and, if you create great 360°, VR or 3D content, we’d like to add your company’s name to it.

So, please, get in touch  to test your content on the Igloo platform – and become an Igloo-ready partner.

Creating an Igloo meeting room

Several of our clients are using their new Igloo environments as meeting rooms.

They tell us it’s a great environment to engage colleagues and impress clients. But it goes beyond appearances. Because an Igloo is also bristling with practical business tools.

For example, you can capture and display content of different formats and from different sources (like a PowerPoint presentation, a webpage, project management tool or even a Skype call).  

It’s another way that the flexibility of the Igloo platform brings practical benefits.