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Igloo Web is a fully-functioning 360° web browser designed for your Igloo immersive space. Embrace the internet in 360° and bring any webpage or web-based app into your Igloo space. 

Your favourite websites

  • Bring all your favourite websites into your Igloo immersive space and let them expand across a 360° horizon. 
  • Many sites, like Pinterest or Flow.Gl websites, will automatically expand to cover the full 360°.
  • Tile multiple windows at once. Perfect for collaborating as part of a team. Create immersion even without 360° websites.

Use all your bread-and-butter apps 

  • Video call through Zoom and surround yourself with faces. 
  • Collaborate with your colleagues on Microsoft 365 and GSuite. 
  • Watch your Trello board fill an entire 360° screen.

Endless free content

  • Any YouTube or Vimeo video or live stream can be displayed.
  • See 360° videos and live streams as they should be.

What Igloo Web does

menu web design

Project anything online into your Igloo 

  • Forward, back, refresh, bookmark. All the functionality of your regular browser. 
  • Compatible with a canvas size of up to 10K.

Multiple windows, side-by-side

  • Open multiple browser windows across your canvas. Tile documents, video calls, websites all side by side.

What Igloo Web can do for you

meeting in an immersive igloo room

video call in an igloo room

big video call inside an igloo


Bring up Google Earth and other mapping services in 360° to transport students on virtual field trips. Take your students to visit landmarks, cultural sites, famous architecture, and sites of beauty.


Use your Igloo for ideation and blue-sky thinking; open a document, a whiteboard, videos and conference calls, all at once across your 360° screen.


Hold virtual events and conferences in your Igloo space. Tile multiple faces across part of your 360° screen with a Zoom call.

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