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Meet Igloo Home, your new Igloo user interface. It’s like stepping into a giant smartphone. And your Igloo system is more accessible than ever.

As easy-to-use as a smartphone

  • Your apps brought up onto the walls in a sleek grid format.

  • Your content appears with thumbnails to give a visual reminder of content. 

  • Pick, load, and run apps and content in seconds. Perfect for meetings, presentations, and public events.

Control all your software and content from Igloo Home

  • Your Igloo software runs in the background without any setup.
  • Directly load and display content -- videos, images, webpages, apps -- across your 360° canvas. 
  • Completely content-agnostic. Use your existing content and purpose-created 360° content.

Power your immersive workspace

  • Igloo Home runs Microsoft Teams, GSuite, Zoom, Office 365, Adobe, and much, much more. 
  • Bring up collaborative files and documents as part of the vast 360° screen for ideation and teamwork.
  • Let your remote colleagues join you. Create a montage of video feeds of your colleagues, teammates, and stakeholders. Fill part of the 360° screen with life-sized faces.

What Igloo Home can do for you

An Igloo immersive workspace with a range of apps


Your students (and any less tech-savvy academics) will easily be able to pick up and play on your Igloo system with this intuitive layout reminiscent of a smartphone.


See your entire breadth of apps (Microsoft Teams, GSuite, Office 365, Zoom, Adobe, and much, much more) and content as thumbnails across the walls of your immersive workspace. Colleagues and stakeholders can easily select and play content.


Keep your Igloo event-ready at a moment’s notice. No need to worry about adjusting settings or manipulating content. With Igloo Home, your teammates can readily play your dynamic 360° videos or virtual experiences. 

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