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A set of game engine plug-ins for your Igloo Shared VR system compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine. Easily create interactive content to display in your 360° immersive space for games, experiences, designs and visualisations.

Create interactive experiences

  • Unlimited possibilities in what you can create and visualise. 
  • Use your Igloo in developing video games, animation, simulators. 
  • All your existing interactive content made playable in your Igloo.

Games and films across a vast wraparound screen

  • Deliver high-quality content displayed in high definition over a 360° screen.
  • Build and visualise your virtual world in a shared immersive space. 
  • Create interactive experiences for audiences to be surrounded and enthralled by.

Create designs and visualisations

  • Not just for games and experiences.
  • Create for architecture, construction, training, transportation.
  • Train or present to teams of colleagues, employees, stakeholders.

What Igloo Realtime does

Design and visualise over a vast 360° canvas

  • Use all the third-party apps embedded in your workflows.
  • Compatible with Unity, Unreal Engine, Revizto, The Wild, Solibri, VU.CITY, VRcollab, Kairos 3D, X Plane, XVR, TSC Simulation, Simtronics, Return 2 Scene, and more… 
  • Take your use of them to the next level with Shared VR.

Get your team to grips quickly

  • Fully controller compatible with customisable keybinding.
  • Configure your control type and controls to suit your app.
  • Use controllers with familiar controls for your team.

What Igloo Realtime can do for you


Unlimited possibilities for your students to create the video games of their dreams in Unity and Unreal Engine, and visualise and play them in a 360° environment.


Create highly detailed, immersive models -- ideal for architecture, engineering, construction, oil & gas. Build and showcase plans from the ground up for engineers, designers, stakeholders to walk around.


Use game-engine modeling to create boundless immersive experiences. Or build video games that can be played over a 360° screen for a real showstopper.

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