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Igloo Core Engine

Igloo Core Engine, or ICE for short, is the software platform for immersive spaces 

A software platform to turn any space into an immersive workspace

With the ever-growing popularity of immersive spaces, companies need an immersive operating system to control them – and that is exactly what ICE provides.

ICE enables you to operate and use these spaces, no matter what the size, shape or configuration, leading to better decision making, saved time and money, decreased risks, improved processes and increased efficiencies. It makes it easier for integrators to build immersive spaces, and for end-users to use them. 

It is the most intuitive and flexible software platform for immersive rooms, designed with the user in mind. 

With a huge range of content options 

ICE enables you to view and interact with any digital content, including software and tools you use every day like Teams, PowerPoint, Miro, Google Streetview and more. You can even interact with immersive content including 360° images, videos, interactive apps - anything created for a VR headset. 

You can also stream 360° YouTube videos, upload PDF documents, share sections of your screen or a video call, review spreadsheets, view pictures and videos, analyse data dashboards and bring remote colleagues into the room through our immersive video conferencing solutions. 

It’s a layer-based system, with two levels of user interface and an intuitive mobile app for control, so all these streams of content can be easily overlaid or tiled next to each other. And it’s quick and easy to switch between the layers – so you can switch context instantly. 

Choose from a range of software packages, loaded onto your Immersive Media Player, or work with us on a custom package and specify your own computer hardware.

And a large number of well-known integrations

ICE works, out-of-the-box, with all your existing content, as well as the VR, 3D and 360° tools you already use - like game engine-based content, design tools, visualisation tools, and training programmes, web-based content, and geospatial packages. And if there’s a tool we haven’t integrated, you can speak to us about adding it to the roster.

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 Our software packages

Learn more about the range of options, fully customisable to your needs 


An annual package offering the essential features needed to use an immersive space, including our intuitive mobile app, ICE Control Panel.

  • Access to Igloo True Perspective, which dynamically adjusts the perspective of content so you don't have to.
  • Display anything on the internet inside the space, or tile and display multiple channels of content to create an immersive control room.
  • Integrate game engines and visualisation tools to update models and designs in real time.


For organisations requiring top-of-the-range, high-end immersion. Also contains the software in the Essential package.

  • Bring in greater levels of immersion with touch screens, gesture control and body tracking compatability.
  • Display 3D, 4D and live stream 360° content and take full control of the Igloo system.
  • Control external devices like lights, blinds, smoke machines and more, to create immersion like none other.

Not sure which package is right for you, or ready to learn more?

Speak to an Igloo representative for more detail and to see ICE in action. 

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