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At the very heart of the Igloo business is the Igloo Media Player.

We created our own layer-based visualisation system, which is flexible, scalable, and easy-to-operate. It’s a completely open, content-agnostic platform.

The idea is, it can play any content, from any source, in any format.

So, how does it work?

It ingests any
VR or 360° content.

It distributes it via a series
of ultra-high-definition channels.

Then it re-combines them
into one seamless 360°
edge-blended projection.

Igloo apps & plugins

Igloo Warp & Blend
Our advanced geometry correction and edge-blending software, enabling any imagery to be projected across a seamless 360° horizon.

Igloo Playback
Our 360° media player application, enables you to play multimedia files like videos, CGI and panoramas, enhance them with surround sound, and project them in 8K.

Igloo Control
An intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface, enabling you to set-up, scale and schedule your 360° content, switch between different channels, and programme clip settings.

Igloo Realtime
A set of software plug-ins and tools to integrate with a range of game engines (Unity and Unreal) and visualisation tools (like Solibri, Revit, Revizto and Navisworks).

Igloo Remote
Control the Igloo system easily and remotely on any iOS or Android device, including consumer-grade phones and tablets, as well as pro-level equivalents.

Igloo Web
Display any website in 360°, project social media feeds, display Google Slides presentations, display 360° mapping systems (Esri, and Street View), and more.

Igloo Capture
Display up to 12 separate channels of non-360° content from external sources (such as Powerpoint, Prezi, Skype calls, camera feeds, etc.) via HDMI, NDI and RTMP.

Igloo Encode
A drag-and-drop HAP encoding widget (drag any 360° movie file onto the widget and it will automatically encode the file with optimal Igloo HAP settings).

Igloo VR Spectator
Simultaneously play VR or 360° content both in headsets and Igloo Shared VR (enabling spectators and team members to see what’s happening in the headset).

Igloo 3D
Project any 3D-ready imagery stereoscopically and/or more fully integrate the Igloo system with 3D visualisation programs (requires active 3D glasses and projectors).

Igloo 4D
Schedule triggers for multi-sensory DMX/MIDI hardware (e.g. fans, lights, aroma diffusers, heating and cooling devices, etc.) to enhance audiovisual experiences.

Igloo Livestream
Stream 360° content in real-time, at full-resolution, across standard networks, without the need to pre-render and upload.

Igloo Edit
Use your 360° screen as a VR editing suite by displaying your composition preview in real-time from a range of editing programs (inc. Adobe After Effects & Premiere).

Igloo Interact
Enable audiences and team members to interact with your 360° content by integrating gesture control systems, head tracking, and touch tables.

Igloo Beta
Automatic enrolment in our development programme, giving you early access to our latest innovations and features.

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