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Take control of Igloo from the palm of your hand. Igloo Remote lets you operate your Igloo system on the go. Present without boundaries.

Adopt an active presenting style

  • Take advantage of your entire room during meetings with a 360° screen for briefings, slides, and infographics. 
  • Turn those dull PowerPoint sessions into sit-up-and-take-notice presentations. 
  • Readily move around the room and use your Igloo system for data visualisation and brainstorming.

Heighten the immersion of your Igloo system

  • Whether for yourself, a colleague, or a customer, using a device becomes more immersive and intuitive. 
  • Users unfamiliar with the Igloo system can readily interact with their environment. 
  • Walk, sit, communicate, and share more easily in a group while operating the Igloo from a device.

What Igloo Remote does

Operate the Igloo system entirely from your device

  • Operate Igloo Control on your tablet or phone. 
  • A few taps to play any content stored in your Igloo Control clip banks.
  • Switch Igloo Capture channels on and off.

Free yourself from your computer screen

  • No need to be at a computer, or have someone else operate the Igloo system while presenting. 
  • Loaded content can be easily selected, played, looped, and made into playlists. 
  • Manipulate content as you see fit - zoom, rotate, stretch.

What Igloo Remote can do for you


Students can demonstrate their own presentations and creations in your Igloo immersive space and gain the valuable experience of working with new technology.


Engage clients, customers, and stakeholders with heightened immersion. Present without having to move to a terminal.


Easily get audiences inside your Igloo system for immersive experiences and operate it with a tablet or smartphone for smooth interaction. 

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