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The big news for Igloo Vision this month has been the release of our new software platform, Igloo Core Engine (or ICE for short). You may already have seen on LinkedIn that last week we went on the road to Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona, where we got to show off ICE to audio-visual professionals and end-users from across the world.

people looking at a screen introducing igloo core engine

About ICE

Igloo Core Engine is the result of a four-year project by our software engineers to develop the most versatile and user-friendly software platform for immersive rooms. ICE lets you turn any room or immersive display into a multifunctioning workspace, which can be used for visualising digital models, training simulations, education and immersive collaboration.

We’ve been testing out Igloo Core Engine for a while now, but ISE was an opportunity for potential clients to get their hands on the software. 

Igloo desk and demo set up at ISE

So how did ICE get on in Barcelona?

Well, it certainly got crowded on the stand. With over 58,000 attendees at the show, it was ISE’s best-attended event since pre-covid times. And we were delighted to show many of those visitors the power of ICE. Some simply had fun interacting with the touchscreens, playing with a giant fluid simulation or watching the vast library of immersive video content we had to offer, including some incredible 4K content from the likes of Pixel Artworks.

Igloo desk set up with images of the sky on the screens behind a desk

Others wanted to see how ICE managed the industry standard tools they use day-to-day. We had engineering firms tinkering around in a life-sized version of Kairos 3D, and clients from architecture and design testing out their building information models. Some visitors even brought along their own content, and with ICE Drop and our capabilities to work with any kind of web content, they were able to get large 3D renders onto the canvas in just a few clicks.

One of the biggest advantages of ICE is that it lets you work with many different types of content simultaneously. Our education and enterprise clients had fun building home screens and layering presentations alongside standard and 360° videos they found on the web.

people at the event recording the set up with maps on the screen

It was also great to see Igloo colleagues who couldn’t make it to Barcelona pop up on the canvas from time-to-time to demonstrate how our video-conferencing capabilities open up immersive collaboration to hybrid working.

After four days on its feet, Igloo Core Engine was still standing strong, which was more than could be said for the rest of us.

Moving forward

Back on home ground, we’re busy following up with all the connections and conversations from Barcelona. Igloo have been regular exhibitors at ISE, but the release of Igloo Core Engine was indicative of our shifting position in the immersive market.

Igloo software on a smaller screen used for navigation

Several people dropped by who wanted to see if they could use ICE to upgrade an existing space, or to test its compatibility with the immersive solutions and software they already sell. Even companies that we might previously have seen as competitors are now seen as potential collaborators.

“Immersive” was one of this year’s buzzwords at ISE, and as the market for immersive technology continues to grow, we believe ICE has a crucial role to play in driving a wide range of immersive solutions.


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