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Client: Colgate
Product: 6 metre & 12 metre dome
Location: UK, European & US roadshows
Assignment: Vision 2020
Date: 2013, 2014 & 2015

Colgate was looking for something very specific: a roadshow venue that could travel to key
client locations; a hook that could engage senior-level stakeholders in a meaningful
dialogue; and a creative treatment that could reflect the company’s innovation ethos.

In 2013, the UK team approached Igloo and started the ball rolling. A 9-metre Igloo with a
Colgate-branded cover was enlisted, some 360° thought leadership content was created,
and a series of immersive speaker support slides was developed.

After a series of successful UK deliveries, the Igloo travelled to key client locations in
mainland Europe. The formula was working so well that it was then exported to the US.
Given the scale of the market and the stature of its clients, Colgate traded-up to a 12 metre
dome, that went on a six-month tour, taking in several key client locations.

Colgate, March 2013