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The product

ACT wanted to create immersive spaces which its teachers could use, no matter which college they were at, and which would offer new learning experiences throughout the A-level curriculum, consistent across the colleges.

We worked alongside leaders at each college to get their immersive space just right. The Igloo at John Leggott College is a 180° solution with floor projection that offers an ideal space for presentations as well as immersion for smaller groups. Franklin College chose to upgrade an existing classroom with Igloo immersive technology. And Wilberforce, after visiting an Igloo demo centre, chose a full 360° cylinder, installed in an internal courtyard. The Igloos at John Leggott and Wilberforce are powered by an IMP1 and Franklin College uses an IMP2 to handle the powerful 10-projector array.

So that teaching staff could use any of the immersive spaces, each Igloo benefits from the Igloo Enterprise software suite, giving them a range of capabilities. They can access traditional format content such as regular videos and images, as well as use cloud-based content such as Google Street View and YouTube 360 videos. They’re also kitted out with videoconferencing tools so those using the Igloos can communicate with each other across the campuses. And teachers can easily work with content thanks to the CMS created by Feel Created.

To begin with, Feel created ten videos with partner Boardwalk Studios to be used in the Igloos and on ACT 360’s YouTube channel. The videos were interviews with people in the green sectors involved with ACT 360. But Feel saw a chance to go further and create a system that meant teachers could work with dynamic assets and content. So, it built a content management system using WordPress, which accounted for the different shapes and sizes of each Igloo screen. And for more details on just how the CMS works, you can check out Feel’s excellent case study too.

The result

With a flexible, dynamic, consistent CMS experience across all three Igloos, staff can add and update on-brand content with no trouble. The spaces provide a way for students to find out what opportunities there are in green sectors and to experience what those sorts of careers might look like.

In May 2022, John Leggott held a launch event for its cylinder, showing the capabilities off to students, teachers and representatives in the community. Everyone, including the Member of Parliament for Scunthorpe, was excited to see the Igloo in action and get a taste of the possibilities ahead.

Going forward

As well as being used for engaging student experiences, the colleges will open up their Igloos for use by local and regional enterprises and community groups. Alongside the Igloos, ACT 360 will provide students with opportunities to get involved with industry leaders and access to business advice and guidance for young entrepreneurs.


“This cutting-edge technology allows learners to experience a whole range of different workplaces and career opportunities without actually setting foot outside the campus. We are providing a learning environment fit not only for the remainder of the 21st century but looking ahead to the 22nd century.”

Jamie Watkinson
Head of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation, John Leggott College

“It’s been in the planning stages since April 2021, and we got the confirmation of the investment in November 2021. It’s been an amazing experience to see it come to life and a pleasure to work alongside the team and see our work come to fruition for the benefit of learners and the wider community.”

Emma Swinburn
Project Lead, Advance Colleges Trust

“I am excited that with the Government’s financial support, we now have a hi-tech learning environment which will open up the full range of potential careers and learning and skills opportunities for our students and workforce of the future. This invaluable resource will also open our doors to local, regional and national enterprise as well as community groups. I am proud that our College and local partners are at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology which will bring the classroom and the workplace closer together.”

Leon Riley
Principal and CEO, John Leggott College