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Keith Prowse


Twickenham, UK




6-metre cylinder

Keith Prowse : England Rugby Hospitality

England Rugby Hospitality and Keith Prowse collaborated with Igloo to introduce clients and fans to the new hospitality packages available at Twickenham Stadium.

An Igloo 360° projection cylinder is used to showcase the hospitality experiences, offering an immersive Shared VR experience right next door to the stadium itself.

Enabling access to the new hospitality areas prior to their completion allows prospective clients to view the packages and interact with the facilities in real time.

“We’ve got a brand-new facility that’s still being built, so the Igloo allows us to bring the brand to life. We can welcome clients to the dome to see the facilities in action and visually demonstrate what the products can achieve for them.”

Ansell Henry
Sales Director, England Rugby Hospitality

“The shared virtual reality experience allows us to maintain full interaction with the clients throughout and see their interaction with the content first hand. The feedback we’ve had so far has been absolutely phenomenal and we’ve got so many ideas about how we can utilise the Igloo – we are very excited about the journey we’re going on.”

Nick Gratwick
Head of Events, Keith Prowse