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In our last blog post, we discussed the potential to transform the traditional meeting room in the wake of COVID-19. Instead of going back to the way things were, how can we maximise use and space in those meeting rooms? How can we seize the opportunity to work better and smarter?

When we consider the meeting room most of us are used to, they’re remarkably uniform - typically a large rectangular room, equipped with a large rectangular table.

A typical meeting room with a rectangular table and a TV display at one end of the room.
A typical meeting room.

There might be a single screen at one end, perhaps a flip chart. And the room itself is just that - a room. And all the tools and data we need to see are trapped behind rectangular screens, desktops and laptops. It’s a kind of business tunnel vision.

We can learn a lot if we take a look at how other people work, doing physical work with physical tools. They tend to work in a spatial environment - a room specifically designed for the purpose.

They can move around. They can think and act spatially. All the tools they need are on show and within easy reach. Nothing is much more than an arm’s length away. In fact, you could say that the room itself is a macro-tool.

A workshop with all its tools elegantly arranged within easy reach.
In a well-planned workshop, all the tools are easy to see and to reach for. (Photo credit m_teerman.)

So, how can we apply this to the meeting rooms we’re so used to?

That’s where Igloo immersive workspaces come in, and that’s what our newest white paper explores.

In an immersive workspace, the walls become vast wraparound screens, enabling teams to engage with any type of digital content - such as websites, web-based applications, dashboards, data visualisations, spreadsheets, video conferencing platforms, 3D design tools, and more.

And in a virtual-physical hybrid space, on-site and remote colleagues can all come together and collaborate, without boundaries.

An Igloo immersive workspace with digital applications shown on the walls.
Your digital tools are on the walls around you in an Igloo immersive workspace.

For the full deep dive on how an immersive workspace can turn your meeting room into a fully-fledged macro-tool, be sure to download the white paper. And, if you’re ready to learn more, get in touch for a virtual demo.

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