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The product

The Catapult showroom is powered by a 180° immersive screen and Igloo technology, enabling a focus on immersive and experiential learning. It is being used to train a new generation of leaders in soft skills, with the Catapult team curating a programme from a network of training providers who understand the effectiveness of immersive learning.

Initially, the system was installed at Bridge+, before it would end up at its final home of CapitaLand’s Rochester Commons development. It spans nine metres in diameter and offers plenty of flexibility in how it can be set up to suit different training programmes and use cases – for example, plenty of seating for town halls or company meetings, or smaller grouped tables for training workshops.

The system was installed just before the Covid-19 pandemic, which led the Catapult team to quickly pivot how they used it. By upgrading it with video conferencing, they could still deliver some remote and hybrid training, along with hybrid events.

The result

Since its installation, the Catapult team has made plenty of use of the Igloo. For instance:

  • Delivering immersive gamified training sessions that use a simulated poker game to teach about decision-making
  • Hybrid training events that transport participants to the likes of the summit of Mount Everest to teach about leadership in adversity
  • Holding remote and hybrid events for a wide range of organisations, such as townhalls, company kick-offs, and anniversary celebrations for educational institutions

Both the Catapult team and training instructors have enjoyed the space. They’ve noted that the environment means audiences can’t be passive in their learning, and the space demands engagement with the content and instructors. And, as we explored in this blog post, the system is easy enough to use that the instructors can focus on delivering their content, rather than the technical aspects of driving content.

Going forward

The original installation was a prototype for a new LED 180° system, reflecting Catapult’s commitment to experimentation and learning. And the team is also installing a full 360° Igloo cylinder for even more immersive experiences and learning.


“Because I could see everyone, whether they were in the room or connected from elsewhere in Asia, it was about as close you could get to having them all in the same place.”

Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson
Explore Performance

“With the slides unfolding, people can more easily draw connections because so much more is visible. People get the big picture more easily. By immersing them with the poker game and the Igloo, people are focused on the topic at hand.”

Balazs Fogoly
Ember Associates

“We wanted to have a different approach to learning, based on the principles of neuroscience, and how the brain learns and how it assimilates different information. That’s why an immersive learning studio like we have here, we believe is the right kind of approach to these soft skills.”

Victoria Great
Head of Business Development, Catapult