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The product

And as part of this state-of-the-art facility, Perkins & Will wanted to include a STEM Immersion Studio. A fully immersive chamber, equipped with multiple projectors creating a seamless, 360° experience. So they came to Igloo.

The Igloo tech-powered Immersion Studio creates a 360° Shared Virtual Reality experience for students. Shared VR is perfect for transporting them anywhere in the world -- or beyond. Students can go on virtual field trips to explore landmarks and landscapes across the globe. They can go deep-sea diving and marvel at the depths of the ocean. Or they can experience piloting an airplane or a space shuttle as they step inside its cockpit.

The result

Shared VR is proving invaluable in inspiring and fostering curiosity and interest in STEM for over 12,000 children. To read a little more about the facility, there’s a great article in Forbes which gives you more details and perspectives.

“The choices are limitless – they can explore the depths of Mariana Trench, take a lesson in geology exploring the Grand Canyon, visit distinct stars in space, learn how a human body works, or enjoy an opera in Venice. In an immersive environment, the students can virtually travel to any of these spaces and learn.”

Vandana Nayak
Principal, Perkins & Will