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It isn’t quite happening, is it?

Yes, there’s plenty of enthusiasm for Building Information Modeling (BIM). But, among too many architecture, engineering and construction professionals, it’s still seen as a future trend - not a current thing.

At Igloo Vision, we work with several clients who live and breathe BIM. And, like us, they’re coming to the conclusion that, for more businesses to get more besotted with BIM, it needs to be released from the confines of flat screens and/or the isolation of VR headsets.

So, they’re experimenting with shared immersive spaces and Igloo Shared VR. It’s a great way to:

  • Get entire teams right inside your BIM models
  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Run truly collaborative design reviews
  • Brief teams at each stage of the project lifecycle

One client that makes great use of Shared VR with BIM is Lendlease.

In our latest white paper, we give you five reasons why Shared VR can help to bring BIM into the AEC mainstream.

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