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It seems that Igloo caused something of a stir at the recent ISE2020 show in Amsterdam.

We partnered up with AVI-SPL, the global digital workplace services provider, to debut our new immersive workplace solution. And we ended up giving back-to-back demonstrations for the entire four-day show.

The solution is partly a response to feedback from potential clients. They’ve loved our solutions, but not always had the space to install an Igloo cylinder or dome. So we’ve made it possible to retrofit our Igloo Shared VR technology into any existing meeting room - regardless of its size, shape, or dimensions.

It’s also a recognition of a broader trend towards immersive workspaces (covered in our blog post on the rise (and rise, and rise) of immersive workspaces) that’s been highlighted by the likes of Gartner, Deloitte and NTT.

The fact is, our clients increasingly need Igloo set-ups that enable office-based use-cases such as:

  • Data-rich project meetings and videoconferencing
  • Room-scale data visualisation and interrogation
  • Productive ideation and blue-sky sessions
  • Engaging presentations and storytelling
  • Collaborative design reviews and stakeholder engagement sessions

What we were most excited about was everyone else’s excitement. Check out the buzz in this tweet from Premier Mounts for example. Also, AV Network magazine said it was the most exciting thing at the entire show (and it’s a very big show!). And as Jim says in the video above, we’re already getting orders in.

Collaboration becomes easier than ever with your content all around you. You’re no longer confined to a single screen. And with our ever-growing range of integrations, it’s so simple to bring that content into the space. Plus our Igloo Web application is a quick and easy way to immerse your team in web-based content.

If you’re ready to take the dive into immersive workspaces, or have always wanted to bring Shared VR technology to your meeting room, be sure to get in touch.

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Four men in Igloo immersive space

Three men using Igloo immersive space for their business meeting

Shoe business using Igloo immersive technology in meeting room

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