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At Igloo, we’ve been creating standout immersive installations and events for over a decade. That means we know what you need to consider when you’re installing an innovation hub, customer experience centre, immersive sales suite, and so on. And that goes for cylinders, domes, cubes, immersive workspaces, etc, etc.

As more-and-more clients are investigating the possibilities of shared immersive spaces, they’re asking about the best display technology to power those spaces.

An LCD wall with bezels visible between the panels.

Increasingly, they’re wondering whether to go with an array of LED panels or a rig of projectors.

And sometimes, clients might have already made their mind up - but might not have weighed-up all the considerations there are when choosing one type of display over the other. So, we wanted to put together a primer on the two technologies and how they compare in the areas that matter most.

In this white paper, we explore the three big areas to consider when choosing your display technology:

  • How it actually looks
  • The cost
  • The installation

Bear in mind that, since our Igloo Immersive Media Player is display-agnostic as well as content-agnostic, it doesn’t matter to us whether you end up choosing projection or LED.

Igloo Dome showing skyline.

What does matter is using the best display for your use case. And because we’ve created all sorts of innovation hubs, simulation rooms, marketing suites, visualisation spaces, customer experience centres, and so on, we know exactly what to use for whatever your use case is.

We hope the white paper provides you with some food for thought. And, when you’re ready to explore your immersive solution, be sure to get in touch.

Download the white paper

(Also, a quick shoutout to our friends at Digital Projection. They produce both technologies and both to an incredibly high standard. As well as helping us to run some side-by-side, like-for-like tests to show clients how the two options compare, they also cast a critical look over the white paper. So, big thanks to Digital Projection).

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