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As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, we’re all adapting to new ways of working. And, for us at Igloo, that includes finding new ways to deliver projects.

With a network of offices around the world, we’ve still got a global reach. But, of course, local restrictions and lockdowns do complicate matters. So, to get our technology to our clients, we’re having to be extra-creative.

Down in Australia, for example, our team has been delivering remote support for both events and installations - and to great success.

Long-distance remote control of a training session

The New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has been a proud Igloo owner since 2016, when it purchased a 3D-enabled Igloo cylinder setup to deliver various training modules for staff working in oil and gas extraction.

And this type of training still needs to be delivered, irrespective of COVID-19. Back in September, one such training session was due to take place in Sydney - but restrictions meant that the EPA trainer most familiar with using the Igloo system couldn’t travel in to run the event.

Environment Protection Agency trailer.
When not in use, EPA's Igloo resides in a handy, compact trailer.

So, for the rigging and set-up of the cylinder, a BirdDog camera was patched-in using a wireless 4G connection. And, able to participate in the whole process, a member of the Igloo team provided guidance on the technical side of things, like the alignment of the projectors and the warping of the display with Igloo Warper.

Then, when it came time for the training event itself, our team was able to remotely access the Igloo Immersive Media player running the cylinder. This enabled the person delivering the training to focus on the actual content, while our people handled the driving of the system and ensured that everything ran smoothly from a technical point of view.

Remote installation of a first-of-its-kind Igloo set-up

Our latest installation for Flinders University is notable, not just for the method of delivery, but also for the use of an all-new head-tracking system (but more on that in good time… watch this space for a case study).

The Igloo system was scheduled to be the star attraction of the new Factory of the Future event led by Flinders University. So it needed to be installed in good time. But, with our own teams unable to get onsite, we had to get creative.

First, we completed all our testing for the build and Igloo software at our Asia Pacific headquarters in Melbourne. We then put together a video of how it would look and work, alongside detailed instructions for the initial setup (think an IKEA-style manual, complete with numbered parts - except a bit easier to follow, of course). The video would also act as a litmus test for the actual installation, to ensure the new Igloo system worked as intended.

Test built system at Austrailian warehouse, nestled next to demo cylinder.
We test-built the system at the Australian warehouse, nestled next to our demo cylinder seen on the left.

We consulted with Flinders University on an appropriate AV integrator to get the job done (at an appropriate price point too). We reached out with the videos, documentation, and breakdown of the job to a panel of possible contenders, collected quotes, and liaised with Flinders to select the best people for the job.

During the installation itself, our team was on hand to supervise on a video call, providing guidance and advice throughout. And, we’re pleased to say that the installation went super smoothly, even considering the complexity of the system, complete with its 3D projection and head-tracking capabilities.

Australian team overseeing installation for Flinders University using video call.
The Australian team oversaw the installation for Flinders University via a video link.

Want to find out more about how we can still work with you?

What it all boils down to is that, despite the current challenges, we can work with you on the best way to get your Igloo immersive technology installed.

We work with a network of AV integrators around the world, including our partnership with AVI-SPL, and can work with your own pre-approved panel of integrators too.

Or, if you’re an integrator with a client looking for an outstanding immersive installation, we have the know-how to support you on that too.

Just get in touch to find out more.

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