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Last September saw the launch of T Levels in the UK, an alternative to A Levels. One T Level is equivalent to three A Levels, and T Levels offer students a mix of traditional classroom learning and ‘on-the-job’ industry experience in their chosen subject. 

Having worked with many colleges and universities, here in the UK and around the world, we’ve seen how these institutions can benefit from our technology, and how they have come to rely on our products and software for improving teaching and learning.

Educators have found that using VR increases engagement, retention and allows for exposure to new experiences and, with Igloo shared immersive spaces, whole groups can benefit from those experiences at the same time, in a space that encourages discussion of what they’re seeing and interacting with.

With the launch of T Levels, we’ve been thinking about how our tech could be used to further improve the teaching and learning opportunities for students undertaking these qualifications.

Below, we dig into a few ways that Igloo technology could be used in five available T Levels. (It’s by no means an exhaustive list - with a total of 24 T Levels that will eventually be available, but it’s a start).

1. Digital courses

Digital-based courses go hand-in-hand with Igloo technology; it’s a match meant to be. With 13+ years of experience in exploring digital content, we know how to use it to suit your needs.

Our technology is used for multiple applications including collaboration, simulation, visualisation and experiences, each of which can be used in countless ways to support, supplement and complement digital courses.

Whether you’re looking to explore digital environments, encourage group collaboration via online platforms, display the different stages of software design, or visualise media content, the possibilities are endless, and our extensive software suite makes these processes as smooth as can be.

2. Construction courses

Over the years, we’ve had deep experience across the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector, and our technology integrates, out-of-the-box, with a wide range of AEC design, project management and building information modelling (BIM) tools - enabling students to use platforms they are already familiar with, and access as much of their own content as possible.

The Igloo environment offers a fully immersive experience to really “feel” the space; it’s like stepping inside the model being created, allowing for easy changes of whatever is on display.

There are already many educational institutions around the world that use Igloo immersive spaces to familiarise students with the tools that they’ll be using in industry - for example, check out how Michigan State University’s interior design students make use of computer-aided design (CAD) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools to support their learning.

3. Education and childcare courses

When it comes to education and childcare, we’ve found simulations to be a key use case. Students are able to visualise life-like settings before qualifying, allowing for crucial training, learning and risk assessment in a safe environment.

These simulations can be built in games engines, which are fully supported by the Igloo Realtime software. Content can also be captured using a 360° camera, creating realistic recreations of real life scenarios.

Check out how Stoke College’s Igloo hosts immersive 360° footage of nursery settings, or how our friends down under at Deakin University use an Igloo to immerse trainee teachers in classrooms before they go out into the field.

4. Healthcare and science courses

Within healthcare and science courses, simulation wards can often be large and expensive. But, Igloo software offers students the opportunity to visit hundreds of different scenarios within a single space, to create lifelike simulations for training.

Game engines can allow students to explore simulated environments, supported by our plug-ins, all from the safety of the Igloo system - whether this be on a hospital ward or in a chemical lab.

One of the major benefits of this is being able to take advantage of these simulations wherever you are in the world, which has proved particularly useful over the past year as remote learning and working from home has become the ‘norm’. A great example of this was how the University of Adelaide used its Igloo Immersion Room to continue to train students during the COVID-19 lockdown, when in-person teaching was not possible. Closer to home, Nottingham Trent University recently installed an Igloo system to train student paramedics, social workers and police officers.

5. Engineering and manufacturing courses

We have worked with a number of universities and colleges to provide more support and enhance the learning experience of students who are studying Engineering or Manufacturing.

For example, Loughborough University integrated a dome within its Chemical Engineering course, and the ACE Suite at Munster Technological University was commissioned to develop cutting-edge learning and development solutions for the AgriTech sector.

More generally, students can use Igloo tech to interrogate plans and locations, processes, or the components that form part of a larger system. They can also use a simulated environment to “break” safety protocols and experience the real-world consequences without any risk of harm.

Igloo systems give students access to experiences that would only usually be available by a field trip, or simply not available at all.

Although many of the examples outlined above relate to university settings, we’re seeing a surge of interest from across the education spectrum, from primary schools, to secondary schools, to further education colleges, right through to advanced research and development facilities.

Now, given their practical, hands-on nature, we see a strong rationale for Igloo immersive technology to support T Levels courses. So, if you’d like to discuss further, please get in touch. 

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