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If you follow us on LinkedIn (and, if you don’t, you probably should), you may have seen we whisked ourselves off to the Middle East last week to take part in GITEX Technology Week - the largest technology show in the region.

Five people experiencing Igloo technology at GITEX Technology Week

With thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors over the five days of the show, it sure was a busy one! Held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, our team hosted hundreds of demos, met with new and existing clients and partners, engaged with the media and caught up with our good friends at Epson - who invited Igloo to be a focal point of their stand.

The solution we took was a 270° three-walled immersive workspace, equipped with the finest Epson projectors. We’ve worked with Epson on a number of projects around the world and can always rely on its technology to deliver a flawless display (as you can see from the picture below).

Display of Igloo immersive workspace

As ever, the solution was driven by our Igloo Immersive Media Player (or IMP as we like to call it), which is the key to creating effective immersive workspaces. This sleek, standalone unit packs all the power of Igloo technology into a single box, houses our extensive software suite, and accesses our library of software integrations.

One thing that was a little different about this particular set-up was the giant touch table in the centre of the workspace, which we used to control the content. The key element here was Igloo Home, our customisable user interface that works like a smartphone home screen, enabling you to easily scroll through and click on different banks of content. Visitors were able to interact intuitively with the content tiles and easily change the display - which proved to be a real crowd-pleaser.

Man using Igloo Home technology at GITEX Technology Week

When it came to deciding which content to display, we were spoilt for choice. Thanks to our multiple integrations, content partners and software suite, we’re never short of things to show off in the workspace, and can cater for the needs of any industry sector.

From working collaboratively on a Microsoft Whiteboard to exploring digital twins with Kairos3D, and even playing a few very tense games of GeoGuessr, our team could demo something suitable for everyone.

We even had a few passers-by testing out their own content, which they were able to do thanks to Igloo Web, our immersive web browser that takes any web-based content and expands it across the entire Igloo workspace.

Man taking picture of Igloo technology

Our participation at GITEX was part of a wider plan for the Middle East. We already have several installations, are currently working on a few more mega projects, and have a packed pipeline of opportunities. We’re also opening a permanent demo centre in Dubai (stay tuned for more details coming soon).

In the meantime, make sure you’re following us on LinkedIn so you can keep up with any news, or sign up to our newsletter to have it delivered straight to your inbox. Alternatively, have a listen to our Head of Business Development, Jake Rowland, chatting with ICT Digital about our time at the show.

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