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One BIG challenge faced by real estate and property developers is that, for a significant chunk of development time, they can’t bring potential tenants and customers into the property.

Here, we share five stories of how five developers got around this by using immersive technology - by allowing their potential tenants to truly see themselves occupying the space.

1. Cushman & Wakefield - a stand-out immersive marketing suite powered by Igloo
The real estate pioneer invited potential tenants to step inside a visualisation of its radical transformation of Washington DC’s 244M, hosted inside a custom-built Igloo cylinder.

You can step inside Cushman & Wakefield's marketing suite and interact with the visualised content yourself.

2. CapitaLand’s Catapult room - a multi-use immersive showroom
CapitaLand’s Catapult room features a 180° Igloo system which is currently used to market its Rochester Commons development - it’ll then become a facility for immersive training workshops and virtual conferences.

See the Catapult in action.

3. Keith Prowse & England Rugby - bringing the matchday experience to life with Igloo
By using Igloo Shared VR, Keith Prowse and England Rugby could show off new hospitality packages at their under-construction facilities.

See how Keith Prowse and England Rugby used Igloo technology.

4. Austin FC & Gensler - selling season tickets for a yet-to-be-completed stadium
With the stadium set for launch in 2021, the football club used an immersive cylinder to give its biggest fans a virtual 360° tour of the development - putting season ticket-holders at the centre of the action.

Austin FC puts its fans in the centre of its upcoming stadium.

5. Extell - marketing mixed-use and commercial developments with Igloo immersive tech
We’ve worked with Extell to create standout marketing suites for two of its standout developments - Central Park Tower, which featured 17 projectors, and One Manhattan Square, which leased a $13m penthouse just one month after it was listed.

A model of Central Park Tower is surrounded by a visualisation of it.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using immersive tech in your real estate marketing. Some of our other projects include:

And, if you’re already using immersive content, we can easily put it into an immersive space.

Our Igloo Immersive Media Player powers every Igloo system and integrates, out-of-the-box, with industry-standard tools, including:

Plus, we’ve built close relationships with expert real estate content creators who know how to capture your clients’ imaginations:

Here's just one example of visualisation content inside an Igloo.

The possibilities are virtually endless with Igloo immersive technology - as ever, get in touch if you want to learn more about how we can help you supercharge your own marketing.

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