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The product

Having worked with us on a previous installation at a different location, the client knew exactly who to turn to and was keen to partner up with Igloo again. We worked with them to install a 6-metre immersive cylinder, housed in a 17,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility that provides the perfect location for true immersion and collaboration.

The collaboration centre consists of two key sections - the ‘see it’ and the ‘live it'. Part of the ‘see it’ is the cylinder where our immersive technology is used to share trends and insights in a much more engaging way than crowding round a small laptop or TV screen - something all our clients benefit from when choosing Igloo.

Visitors are then guided through to the ‘live it’, where they enter a series of themed rooms that match several occasions where adult beverages may be consumed. This could range from a spooky Halloween party to a Superbowl-style game or even a festive Christmas set-up. Dressing up these rooms adds another level to the immersion the visitors will feel as they progress through the centre.

Over the course of the experience, the visitors work their way through a total of eight rooms - each aiming to immerse and inspire them with insights and the latest technologies, and bring ideas to life in a way traditional 2D presentation software could not.

In terms of technical elements, the space boasts:

  • Five Epson projectors combined with ultra-short-throw lenses for ultra-clear visuals and reduced shadowing
  • A Sennheiser AMBEO spatial audio system, consisting of nine active near field monitors and two active subwoofer with 7.1 high-definition bass to create a totally immersive sound system

Driving all of this is the Igloo IMP (Immersive Media Player) and Igloo Enterprise software package - a sophisticated set-up with the ability to display anything on the internet and tile and display multiple channels of content to create an immersive studio. The Enterprise package consists of some of our key software components such as...

  • Igloo Web - a 360° web browser designed to display any internet content in 360°
  • Igloo Capture - display up to 12 separate channels of non 360° content from external sources
  • Igloo Realtime - integrate with a range of games engines and visualisation tools
  • Igloo Touch - transforms any mobile device into a controller from which you can interact with the system
  • Igloo Home - a customisable user-interface that is as easy-to-use as a smartphone

The result

Although the client is already using VR headsets in another part of the centre, they weren’t considered an option for this area due to the solitary experience a headset provides. The client needed to share the experience with whole groups of people at the same time, leading to natural discussions and engagement with the content on display - which is exactly why Igloo Shared VR is the perfect solution. Due to the large-scale, 360° nature of our spaces, groups of people can step inside and experience the same content at the exact same time.


“We’re just getting the center opened up to visitors, but those who have seen it so far were really impressed and internally everyone is very excited by it.

We can’t wait to start making full use of it as soon as possible”.

Director at the Collaboration Center